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Get the marketing edge with our outstanding airbrushes

From our inception, we have an objective to bring great experience to the world. We cater your needs by bringing you the exclusive high performing creative products available we supply airbrushes in collaboration of leading airbrush manufacturers backed by the best industrial service and technical knowledge.

We chose to convince our presence continuously as we practice our business a few core practices every day.

We care for our value chain if you are a starter or an experienced business organization or our clients our goal is to care for everyone equally.

We promise to strive our best in bringing about to the excelling tools to help you achieve shared goals.

While joined to an air compressor, the airbrushed converts the liquid into small drops fashioning fine lines that appear as a fine mist and bring about various patterns.

Our manufactured airbrushes are well known great dissolution and spread precision. We blend imaginative design with carefully crafted parts and top value raw material.

Some of our collection of airbrushes are highly professional while others are for multipurpose. At our platform, we have plenty of features so you may reliably find an airbrush that fulfills your customized needs

A glance at the best features of our airbrush

Single stroke;

Push the trigger and the brush will deliver air and paint at the same time

Twofold performance;

Push the trigger and release the air, then draw back the trigger and release the paint. Twofold performance facilitates airbrushes you can exhibit a super control and are extensively used as compared to the single action.

The siphon augmentation

Specifically designed for the larger quantity of spray mediums and using several bottles or using the color cups underneath the airbrush

Side augmentation

Designed for the use of a variety of cups and bottles on either side of the airbrush, facilitating multiple cups and bottles for the maximum appearance of the sprayed area

Quick flush cutaway handle

Facilitates quickly reach out to the needle for rapid cleaning and emptying for the paint container

Present handle

Adjust the spray to the required output for greater control, accessibility and less finger stress.

Spring steel needle is highly reliable and not easily breakable

Custom made hand adjustable system; designed with precision these hand-tuned are custom made and hand tested for precise performance with high standards and perfect spray design experience.


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