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If you’re looking for a quality collection of dental stuff like toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes, and dental flosser for braces etc to expand your business; then stop your search now as Cosmo Stuff is here to cater all your requirements – the only platform which you must approach!

Cosmo Stuff is the leading global online trading platform where both buyer and supplier meet, and get the quality products from various brands from all around the world. We’re open for all levels of business ventures whether small business, medium, or highly elite one.

Through us, you can get a wide array of dental floss supplies, and flosser toothpicks at wholesale price.

Benefits, Features, & Specification of Dental flossers & toothpicks

The dental floss picks manufacturers who display their products through our website, they all are expert in manufacturing advanced, durable, and cost-effective flossers made with quality materials which is safe for users. This is the reason they’ve secured their position in the market.

However, some striking benefits, uses, and specifications of dental flossers offered through our dental floss suppliers include;


· Cleans the surface of your teeth

· Helps in cleaning out the gaps between your teeth, where bacteria often reside

·  Lack of flossers might result in building up plaque, cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease

Uses of Dental floss

· Tame your frame

·  Seal connections

·   Protect bits

Key Specifications / Special Features:

·   Floss length?10-20 meter with strong shred resistance

·   Case material?PP material

·   Stretchy fiber: PTFE/Teflon fibers and Nylon fibers

·    Key materials feature: imported from Europe e.g. wax, floss

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Some people look for individual branded manufacturers, while some look for wholesale vendors / or online trading resources – like us – to get stock of products. The difference lies in the promise of quality, and ease of price.

When buyers approach us, they not only get a chance to meet their desired dental floss suppliers and manufacturers, but they also get a variety of option to buy dental floss at wholesale price, in multiple colors, types, and designs. This is how we help them build a reputable brand identity.

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