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Cosmo Stuff is one of the leading international B2B wholesale trading platforms that enables buyers and manufacturers to meet, exchange products, and expand their business to a wider scale. At our platform, buyers and exporters come from all around the world, no matter to which level or category they belong.

We facilitate them by offering a massive amount of products brought to them by our affiliated distributors and suppliers belonging to all women care product categories such as epilator for bikini area and face etc.

Which one to Choose – epilator vs shaving?

Epilators are used with tweezers to pluck away hair from or below the skin, while shaving is used for moving razor’s blade against the skin for removing hair exposed above the skin. Though both fall under categories of hair removal or wax, yet there is a thin line between the procedure of both methods, and hence the user's confused between epilator vs razor

Anyhow, when referring to epilating we are talking about the use of a handheld, electronic epilator device

Best features & Specifications of Epilators

The epilator exporters can take the best advantage of approaching us, we offer products that are rich in standard specifications as it comes with;

·  LED indicator light

·  On/off switch

·  Cuticle lifter

·  Carton size: 57 x 32 x 45cm

·  Packing: 32 pieces/carton

·  Net weight: 20kg

·  Gross weight: 21kg


 Another perk of approaching our platform is, at Cosmo Stuff, you won’t only offer cheap epilator price, but we also make it worth buying with following features including

· Factional bikini appearance with 6 piece diamonds

· Handle part is made of PU material, comfortable and anti-slip

· Multi-function of clipper, shaver, & epilator

· LED light design, much more convenient operating

· Suitable for all body cleaning

·   · The fully charged epilator can work for more than continuously running 60 minutes


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