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Our products come with a promise to uphold the finest standards of excellence. Through extensive research and stringent product evaluation, we are pleased to bring you skincare, makeup and fragrance products that are both gentle and highly effective.

Specially formulated eye mask with a combination of clinically proven actives, including Eyeliss™, Haloxyl™ and AC-Dermapeptide Lifting™ to reduce the appearance of serious dark circles and eye bags.


·         Dramatically reduces unsightly under eyes circles

·         Visibly firms and lifts sagging eye bags

·         Moisturises skin around the eyes for optimal moisture balance

·         Tones, smoothes and soothes delicate eye area

·         Revives tired eyes and restores a fresh, youthful, brighter and more “awake” look

In this step we LISTEN.  We help clarify your goals and determine how we can best reach them. Our aim is to deliver a clear sense of the entire process, the costs, timeline, and any challenges we may face. We will discuss:

  • The product or products you are looking for
  • Options for formulation, components and packaging
  • Other parts, materials, components, or services that may be required
  • Projected quantities at launch and ongoing orders
  • Special testing that may be required
  • When you can expect to take delivery


Step 2: Product Development

Once we have established your needs, we will ask for a Purchase Order and any necessary deposits. Our factory is now your factory! We begin submitting samples and, as necessary, making adjustments to get your product exactly the way you want it.

R&D, testing, special materials, and other costs will be discussed in detail at this time.

Step 3: Production

This is the easiest step of all for you! Our award winning process is now in full swing as your new products come to life.  PLS staff goes to work on exceeding your expectations with great attention to detail and uncompromising quality. Twenty years’ experience has gone into developing operational procedures approved by the FDA, USDA, and many customers’ rigorous audits. We love what we do and it shows!  Our next contact is to tell you that your order is ready to ship.


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