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Fringe solutions like never before

The modest fringe is the enduring luxury which can energize your look in matter of minutes. From a free side sweeping fringe to wavy full bangs, everyone can become highly obsessed with the very adaptable hair trend.

But its’ just a fact that growing reckless said fringe can be rather irritating, so it is a better idea to look for the fringe hairs before you book for a hair dresser.

Take your styling expertise to the next level

Our hair wig section involves quick fringes that are ideal if you are facing hair loss and are looking for a quick ready to wear and perfect solution. Our fringe hair range are available in many different styles and range of inclusions based on your choice.

You are free to choose from original fringe hairs to 100% cotton fringe, cotton bullion fringes and natural cotton tassel fringe for wholesale base. The fringes are provided with clipins, elastic bands and loops depending on levels of expertise and your desire of endurance you want with your fringes to be.

Tints and shades all in one

Our hair fringes satisfy a variety of colors from brunettes to blonds, reds and highlighters so that you can indulge in the color of your choice.

Since our inception we have been leading for creativity, innovation, exception choice and invincible value and services.  We have been at the leading edge of the industry, constantly introducing new technicalities that have shaped the extensions market beyond comparison and help, us reap the prestige for being the experts in hair fringes.

We promise quality with the economical rates

We promise to bring highest value products at the best economical prices, and shipped around the world with the service you can rely and rest assure for the ethical business practices.

We work with the organizations meeting our standards of quality and ethical practices. We actively search for opportunities to work with and support businesses that serves the interest of our clients and will benefits our society.

We work with hair fringe manufacturers who ensure sourcing of the raw material ethically from quality assured trusted vendors.

Our talented sales force strive to support you no matter where in the world you are. Our sales force are available day in and day out to respond to your specific needs. If there is anything in your imagination we can do it better for you.

Serves many purpose, either it’s your wedding, prom or any other! Wear your fringe with confidence

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