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There are many wholesale makeup base suppliers and manufacturers who sound promising while selling their product, but their effort turn in vain when it comes to weighing their products on quality parameters.

We bet you won’t have experienced such platform before that could prove you what it claimed, and provide you with what it promised. Yes, Cosmo Stuff brings an exciting collection of makeup base, foundation creams, and other makeup products from the top brands around the world.

Our base makeup product’s name is well-known in the market and exported to the top consumers over the seas. We have opened our e-commerce platform for all those suppliers, consumers, and manufacturers who are willing to approach us and selling their cosmetic stuff through our channel.

We do not only stand for dealing in quality products, but our commendable customer services and product shipment have also gain a particular standard among other e-commerce platforms existing in the market today.

Browse our list of base makeup products

At, we are committed to offer you all a wide range of wholesale makeup base including; foundation cream, foundation makeup, and to name a few. Our superior range of cosmetic stuff is known for its commendable quality that meets the standard of Asian, and international branded companies.

Our cosmetic stuff contains the following types of makeup base products;

    Liquid foundation

    Powder Foundation

    Foundation stick

    Mineral powder

    Tinted moisturizer

    BB Cream

    CC cream

Why our assorted foundation creams are best?

Because they offer all what any makeupholic women could ask for! Quality, safety, good price, and convenience, it has it all! Look at some striking features & benefits of foundation makeup provided through us;


·         Gives silky smooth finish with highest quality ingredients

·         Custom color that perfectly matches any skin tone

·         Powder foundation provides great coverage at fraction of cost

·         An anti-aging foundation that modifies both the skin and complexion

·         Good for skin and environment

Why must you buy from Cosmo Stuff? – Benefits of buying our makeup base products

Because foundation base provided via Cosmo Stuff comes with;

·         Ten different shades to match with your skin tone

·         Our website provides a customized test to find your perfect color

·         Contains SPF 15

·         Long lasting with satiny finish, so it won’t rub off easily

·         Make your skin soft, and instantly reduces the look of dark spots

We believe in Growing Connections

We don’t not only partner with branded or expert companies, but all other makeup base manufacturers and suppliers can also become a part of our team with just one registration.  We have built our services from demonstrated procedures in successful activities.




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