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Cosmetic brushes with innovative fibers, handles and finishes to help you own the application. There are different types of makeup brushes and each has a duty to accomplish. There’s animal free, tafre, deco brushes, custom designs and natural brushes. Our manufacturers supply synthetic makeup brushes with fibers that protect the skin from breaking out or causing any kind of irritation. We have all the ultra-soft brushes that have been designed to make sculpting and contouring your angles easy-peasy.

There are makeup brushes for all kinds of uses for applying makeup. There's the foundation brush, concealer brush and the stippling brush which adds texture for a natural airbrushed result. Then there’s the angled blush brush which is used for applying and blending blush neatly. The powder brush is for you overall face, it helps you blend in the powder all over your face to match your skin tone perfectly.

Contour brushes are used for contouring and creating natural texture of face cuts. The highlight fan brush is all for the glow, it allows you to apply highlighter on your face, usually the top layer of your cheeks or nose, and blends it well with an end result of glittery glowing skin. Then there’s the eyeliner and eyeshadow brush that are the thinnest brushes in the set. The oval brush is used for providing flawless coverage of foundation by blending the foundation well on the skin to ensure that every part of your skin is covered properly. Whether you’re looking for a brush kit on a budget or you want a professionally worthy set, we have the top rated tools from the UK with the handiest makeup brushes around. Our guaranteed makeup sets will buff out makeup and leave skin looking airbrushed.

We Can Assure You With Guarantee.

Our custom made private label makeup brushes are with no doubt manufactured by the best dealers and suppliers with quality material and with long lasting usage guarantee. We also provide custom logo makeup brush sets with high quality brushes that are flawless and easy to use for blending and applying, for all skin types, without causing any damage or harm to the skin

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