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We know you are an expert making nails but when it is the time of cosmostuff and you seek efficiency take a trial of our professional nail tools.
Highly versatile and commendable solution for nail repairs, crafting and polishing and lots of usage. With the blue print nail tool manufacturers, supplier and professional nail tool distributors we serve the chain of salons, experts, nail artists as they shop for the bulk prices. With a steadfast dedication to consumer support, you can with a glimpse earn your complete satisfaction in our highest values

 If you want to deliver a perfect manicure and pedicure service at your salon then you must have these professional nail too from gel nail soaking tray to acrylic powders, nail dust bluster, nail tip clutters, nail brush cleaner, perfect C curve shaping, C line form. We promise nail professionals and nail industry access to handpicked and unrivaled customer services. At our online business portal we not only provide nail tool supplies, also strive to build business and be at the back of our clients

With the marketing edge nail tools you can excel your expertise

Titanium coated nail tools are the most reliable and long standing nail tools you have ever seen. We have the best crafted high grade stainless steel, soaked in the ultra-hard titanium. Nail tools offer more accuracy, with excellent prevention from corrosion and long lived performance.

Being the global leader in the expert nail care industry, we are committed to provide high grade nail tool supplies that leads the nail industry with safety and excellence. Known for the extraordinary processing, exciting performance and iconic deigns these acrylic nail tool kits are super strong, long lasting and resistant offering a highly acceptable luxury to our clients

With presence around more than 100 regions we stand at the fore front for you

We ensure our presence in more than 100 regions of the world, offering a full line of best nail technician tools and acrylic nail impression tool with nail treatment kits, finishing commodities, moisturizers, filers and acrylic

Take the traditional manicure practices to the next level that is bold and illustrative with aspiration from the expert nail artists. With easy to use nail tools your new nail art show await. Collect all your imagination of nail art designs and earn the look with our nail tools

Finely created, sharpened to perfection with high quality, sterile and corrosion resistant, designed for affordability higher comfortability and reduced stress. All of our acrylic nail tools have a dual edge and ideal for fine cleaning of nail edges

We are focused to equip you with the support, access and business development opportunities that helps nail industry grow and strive in the international market


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