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A sanitary napkin or pad is a disposable pad manufactured with an absorbent material that is used for absorbing menstrual flow, to get recover from vaginal surgery, for post birth bleeding, abortion, and other such situations where it becomes necessary to absorb blood flow from a woman’s vagina.

Cosmo Stuff is a wholesale trading platform that enables you to meet reliable sanitary napkin suppliers and manufacturers from all corners of the world. Through CosmoStuff, you will get wholesale rates of sanitary napkins.

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If you’re looking for cheap sanitary napkin price, then our platform is the one many buyers look for as we believe in bringing forward such item to you that is reliable for its quality, and convenient for its price.

As far as types and features are concerned, our assorted stock contains a wide range of sanitary napkins or pads at wholesale prices including; underpants, pull-up diapers, and to name a few. These comfortable napkins are also the best to use for bed-ridden patients, as it helps in preventing any bedsores or rashes. They are individually wrapped, and available in OEM as well.

Beneficial for your business, but how?

Since the number of women is increasing each day, hence selling items like adult diapers, or sanitary napkins sanitary napkin can surely help you expand and promote your business effectively.

However, the napkins and pads provided through us are usable and rich in a variety of features, and benefits such as;

·         Gives the user a sense of safety and security

·         No bad odor due to wetness

·         Suitable for both men and women

·         Super soft Non-woven top sheet

·    ·         Super absorbent core to keep you dry


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