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A shampoo is a mixture of active surfactant, in a form of a liquid, solid or powered, which is used to remove surface grease, dirt, and skin.

What do our private label shampoo manufacturers keep in mind?

1.       It should be able to remove dust, dirt, oil and, loose corneal cells from the hair without over-drying or stripping the hair off of moisture.

2.       It should make a decent amount of foam to satisfy the psychological demands of the user.

3.       When rinsed it should be easily removed, with water alone.

4.       It should leave the hair soft, supple, manageable with the minimum amount of fly away.

5.       It should leave the hair with a refreshing feel and a pleasant fragrance.

6.       It is not mean to cause any side effects or irritations to the skin or eyes.

7.       It should not make the hand feel rough and chapped.

Types of costume shampoos our private label manufactures offer:  

1.    Clarifying shampoo: it cleans the hair and scalp thoroughly, they are preferably used when hair has a lot of buildups in them or before getting hair treatments.

2.    Volumizing shampoo: is designed to make your hair bigger and fluffy.

3.    Smoothing shampoo: is usually used to wash hair before you straighten them for magical results.

4.      Shampoo for colored hair: these shampoos usually have a pH of 4.5-5.5 to control hair fading.

5.       Organic shampoo: are the personal favorites of our shampoo suppliers, because they retain moisture, retain hair dye, and reduces scalp irritation all in one.

Our private label shampoo and conditioner manufacturers

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