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Tattoo Needles

The tattoo needles drive the ink into the skin while the artist is making your tattoo, and depending on the choice and type of one’s tattoo different needles are necessary.

These needles are not really just one single needle. A tattoo needle is usually made up of many different needles called sharps of various shapes, which are all held together by a needle bar.

Types of tattoo needles:

1. Round liner: these are tightly packed which makes them better for precision work. Depending upon their packing, tightly packed tattoo needles are used for fine lines, while loosely packed ones are for bolder lines. 

2. Round shader: are similarly manufactured to round liners, just their lose packing enables them to be used as all-purpose fillings.

3. Textured round shader, will just add more variations in the shadings, for specific designs.

4. Flat: tattoo needles are connected in a straight line to the needle bar. They are the most popular classic because their straight needle helps deliver more ink to the skin.

5. Magnum: these needles are most artist’s first choice when it comes to most of the shading work.

6. Stacked magnum: have two rows of needles, attached to each side of the needle holder.

7. Curved magnum: these are arranged in a way that their tips arch at the center. Their rounded edges work better on the skin, doing less skin damage, with better ink consistency

8. Textured magnum: these just add texture to the shadings


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