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Carve your tattoo stickers and wear your style

Ideal for all your summer fun activities, either it is a visit to the beach, pool, gym, hiking, adventure, our dazzling tattoo stickers are fully waterproof, sweatproof and harmless. You may even not have a feeling you are wearing them, but! Everyone else in your circle will take a big notice

All you have to do is to carve, wet with a damp cloth, stick and peel off. Our range of temporary tattoo stickers gives you an experience of the real tattooed image on the skin. Our temporary tattoo stickers can be easily carved, painted, and brushed as you have painted your body.

Our temporary waterproof tattoo sticker gives you a unique way of expressing and identifying yourself with just a piece of an image transferred to your skin.

These tattoo stickers from our tattoo sticker manufacturers are formulated with the highest technology using non-toxic inks and glues, with lasting results as compared to other tattoo stickers.

We have the huge playfield where you can play your products

We have a huge playfield for tattoo sticker manufacturers, suppliers and tattoo sticker exporters, where you can get everything from an exquisite collection of tattoo stickers to gorgeous permanent tattoo stickers, tattoo stencils, tattoo sheets and a lot more for your summer adventures.

We aim to give you the best tattoo sticker shopping experience online and keep our clients engaged with the unmatched service and the highest value products. With just one click you can get the product of your choice.

Access faster and easier to quality products

We have remodeled the trade and business practice to make your access faster and easier to quality products with a facility to fulfill your bulk order requirements. Our suppliers make sure to deliver the products within the stated time with strong packaging to minimize the risk of damage.

We believe customer loyalty arise from great functionality. All our products and services conform to the international standards. Our valued supply chain strives to fully satisfy our clients with better functionality and earning more trust from our esteemed client.

We take pride for being one of the rapid growing commerce networks for excelling products from us to our huge value chain. We strive to spread a smile on your face.

We have a huge collection of products for B2B transactions; our online business network is continuously expanding with the most modern and the aesthetically designed tattoo sticker to ensure you get the best.

Our highly affordable tattoo sticker with the most affordable shipping options are for every business unit either small or big. Our suppliers and exporters have ties with buyers from worldwide. All you have to do is to shop, accept and flaunt your style.


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