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Spread your word, have your imagination come to life

Temporary tattoos will bring an everlasting fun extension to your business or brand recognition efforts, great for occasions, fundraising and advertising you can have our customized temporary tattoos to help spread your message across the world in the most cost efficient and eccentric manner that will at once catch the eye.

With our years of experience, our clients' rely on us in regards to very high quality and safest temporary tattoo experience. Our collection looks as good as the real one carved so you don’t need to get your hands or legs hurt.

If you are seeking ways of giving your brand more meaning for your target markets our custom temporary tattoos are a remarkable, and fun to use, safe enough and easy to clean. These harmless temporary tattoos from our tattoo manufacturers are designed with some extra care covering with a transparent protective top layer.

Press facing down with on the clean dry skin and you get the beautiful flawless image of your imaginations. These temporary tattoos are ensured of their safety with multiple testing.

The exquisite collection, for every one

Our collection of tattoos exhibit some special traits in terms of designs our white tattoos will come to show up as transparent upon use. Our funky white tattoos and some bold colors go best on any skin tone

We serve as the one stop solution for creating and manufacturing your very own custom temporary tattoos. We also have a huge collection of temporary tattoo designs.

All of our temporary tattoo designs are customized as per your specific needs, so you can come up with your unique imagination and give it life

Some of the best features of our high-quality temporary tattoos

Ø  Gives you a real experience

Ø  Intoxicating

Ø  Easy applicable

Bring your imagination to life  

Perfect for all occasions, either it’s a party, event, campaign or branding efforts, our temporary tattoos are an exclusive way to intensify a costume. So if you are up to embrace a deep image or seeking to pull a prank, you have come to the right marketplace.

Showing up as a real ink done our custom temporary tattoo is the most remarkable way to give your imagination life and your words meaning, with quickest and simplest

Considering your needs to saving costs and maximizing profit we create temporary tattoos in bulk so you can have best than any other in the most affordable prices.


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