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Meet the Global Toilet tissue manufacturers via

Looking for quality toilet tissue papers? We have some best stock from branded toilet tissue suppliers and distributors who approach us from different corners of the world. Buying expensive items to add in your stock might turn awry while buying wholesale items from us can be cost effective for you, and beneficial for your business.

The manufacturers and suppliers who sell through our platform, they excel in providing top quality bulk toilet paper for wholesale, retail markets and individual buyers worldwide. Moreover, products are also exported to other neighboring countries through our e-commerce site.

Our provided tissue rolls are widely used in industries like; shopping centers, caterers, hospitals, sanitary companies, resellers, and convenience stores.

From holder to dispensers; we have them all!

Whether you need a pack of toilet tissue roll or holder; we can get you all in bulk at least discounted price. We have a diversified variety of tissue rolls including; tissue roll dispenser and holders, homecare, parenting, and personal care items in various designs, and for different applications.

Since we’re a B2B toilet paper wholesale distributor, hence our affiliated manufacturers and suppliers tend to provide affordable prices on all their tissue products without compromising on quality.

Why must you buy from CosmoStuff?

Because, all products offered through our resourcing site are loaded with incredible features and specifications which every buyer demand. The best features of our tissue roll include;

Product Features

Absorbent & durable: These toilet tissue rolls are very durable and absorbent, it will quickly dry users hand with ease. Since they’re made of durable material, so they can also be used for spills when needed for multi-purpose use!

Eco-Friendly: Tissue rolls are eco-friendly, and made of purely recycled fibers, with fewer resources consumption.

Textures: Made with an embossed texture to help customers clean their dry hands, countertops, and messes

Roll design: Easy to tear off in whatever amount required

·  Core: 42mm

·  Diameter: 10.6 cm (OEM) customized

·  Density: 15-21 gsm

·  Size: Standard or customized

·  Color: white

·  Layer: 1 Ply

·  Sheet size: 10x10cm, 1000 sheets (OEM) customized

·  Height: 10m (OEM) customized

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