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Finding quality toothbrushes at wholesale price is often a daunting task for many buyers; but we – the has successfully proven our mettle in field of online e-commerce trading companies as we not only help you find the right supplier based on your niche, but we also help you make your business successful by making deal with us.

Whether you’re looking for an electric or bamboo toothbrush suppliers, at our platform, you can browse the list of them all. Not only that, but we can also offer you variety of options to browse an entire toothbrushes manufacturer’s directory for small, medium, to large businesses, and you can also buy bulk toothbrushes at wholesale price.

You can expect to get the following list of wholesale toothbrushes such as;

·  Bamboo toothbrushes wholesale

·  Dental toothbrushes wholesale

·  Children toothbrushes wholesale

·  Pre-paid toothbrushes wholesale

Our affiliated toothbrush manufacturer’s offers eco-friendly, soft, and hygiene brushes whose bristles are totally plant-based spin faster, and sweep away all food cavities and plaque from the oral cavity, while it also covers all surfaces more effectively.

What is the benefit of buying wholesale electric toothbrushes?

The main perk of approaching wholesale electric toothbrush suppliers via Cosmo Stuff is, you can avail all exciting benefits in one go ranging from price, quantity, your sales boost, and incredible product specifications & features which are mention below;

Technical Specifications:

·  Material: body material ABS

·   Vibration frequency: 26000 times / minute

·   Bristle material: DuPont 0.127mm bristle

·   Charge voltage: AC110V~240V

·   Charging power: 2W ± 0.25W

·   Charge current: 80mA ± 20mA;

·   Working voltage: 3.2V~4.2V;

·   Waterproof class: IPX7

Product Features:

·  Magnetic levitation sonic motor

·   Wireless charge

·    Core technology: USB-type-C charging interface

·    25 days of battery life,

·    8 handle stickers to customize your own brush

Electric toothbrushes work well around braces, they also come with built-in timers to remind you to need to brush at least for 2 – 3 minutes

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