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Finding superior quality toothbrush heads at wholesale price is no more difficult now, as – the leading global online e-commerce trading resource offering all buyers and retailers a great opportunity to find the right toothbrush heads supplier from all around the world.

Whether you're looking for electric toothbrush heads, or toothbrush heads for braces, at Cosmo Stuff, you can discover all of them via branded toothbrush head manufacturers and distributors at wholesale price.

Get the right bread head from the right supplier

Getting a right toothbrush from a right supplier at a right price can bring a drastic change in your business, and it can help also help you provide your customers a healthy & hygiene life! That’s why Cosmo Stuff a leading B2B trading platform, offers a variety of electric toothbrush heads, brought to you from branded toothbrush head suppliers to fit your specific needs.

Our wholesale variety includes;

· Toothbrush head replacement

·  Toothbrush head cover

·  Toothbrush head protector

·  Toothbrush head for braces

Besides, advanced toothbrush heads provided through us comprise of perfectly angled bristles, they reach deep between teeth. It helps in removing 500% more plaque along the gum line.

Check out Product Specifications

Whether you need a toothbrush, toothpaste, or oral hygiene products to add in your dental aisle; the perk of buying wholesale items in bulk through us is, all goods are known for standard product specifications which are usually demanded by consumers, as well as in the entire market.

Product specifications + features include;

·  Material: DuPont bristles + ABS

·   Using time: 120minutes, 4 weeks after fully charged

·   Color: white, black, silver, gold, customized color

·   Battery: 700mAH Li-ion battery


·  Waterproof: IPX7

·   30 seconds alert

·   two minute auto-timer

·   Comes with 3 operating modes (Soft, Normal, Massage)

·   Adjustable mode: press the “power” button & keep for 2 seconds

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