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Finding quality toothpaste at wholesale price is no doubt a challenging task for many buyers, but we – the has a solution for everything! We’re an online e-commerce trading company that can help you get the right toothpaste tube supplier.

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Meet the Global Charcoal toothpaste suppliers here

The use of charcoal has always been on top priority as it plays a vital role in the beauty and health industry. Customers often look for pharmaceutical shops where they can find charcoal toothpaste to make their teeth brighter, and whiter.

The reason you must add charcoal toothpaste in your dental aisle is, this good is enriched with tons of benefits such as;

*  It’s a natural teeth whitener

*  Totally chemical free

*  Contains antibacterial properties

*  Removes plaque and the stains caused by smoking, & red wine.

*  Gives a good breath

Product Features & Specifications

Following are the few striking product features and specifications of quality toothpaste provided through our reputable manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers.


·  Easy to use

·  Cost-effective

·  Highly reliable

Product Specification

·  Material: PE-ALU-PE, PE-PE-PE, PE-EVO-PE

·  Caps: Colored, transparent; Screw, Flip-top, etc.

·  Diameter: 12.7,14,16,19,22,25,30,35,40,45,50,60 mm

·  Length: Customized

·  Body: Transparent, colored

·  Volume: 5-500ml

·  Thickness: 180, 200,220, 250,275μm

·  Tube Shape: Round, Oval, Flat, Super Flat, etc.

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