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No wonder wax strips have become the basic needs of women in today’s fast paced world. Not because they only provide a good looking and smooth skin, also because it saves your time and decreases the cost. It is sometimes hectic to go to parlors and salons this is why we care and offers you wide range of best wax strips. Wax strips which can be easily used at home without any hassle.

We have what you want being the universal trade company has a wide range of wax strip kits, wax strip rolls, wax strips for face, legs, underarms, bikini, full body and wax strip papers available for you at our portable. There are number of wax strips manufacturers, suppliers and exporters located in almost every region of the world to supply the superiority products.

However, we understand that the price of any product has always been the major concern of any buyer. Keeping that in mind we offers the wax strips with reasonable prices for your comfort. Not only limited to that, we assure the great results as we have licensed suppliers and manufactures for all kinds of products. Especially when it comes to skin care products, there is a high concern in providing the best and high quality products to our customers, because we care for you’ll!

Our wide range of wax strip will help you choose the best among the international market. So don’t be late for it, get wax strips for your daily use in bulk quality and save your precious time. As we all know that time is really important and we all need to utilize it in a best possible way! 

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